Are Kitchen Remodels Worth The Investment?

Kitchen Remodel

Are kitchen remodels worth the investment? Yes. Whether you plan to stay in the house for years to come or plan to sell it soon, either way it makes sense to remodel your kitchen and bring it “up to date” for the era we’re living in.

Home Comfort Is More Important Today Than Ever Before

Ever since Covid-19 became the focus of everyone’s lives, people have been staying home more and more. Nowadays, it is not unusual for most people to work from home. That said, the kitchen is, now more than ever, the center of the home. It is where people gather to cook, bake and eat– definitely… but it’s also a place where people just “hang out.” They play games at the table. They do their work on their laptop/device. They watch TV. They chit chat. The kitchen is, in many ways, the heart of a home.

Kitchens should feel good and be the kind of rooms where people feel comfortable congregating together. Therefore, if you are unhappy with your current kitchen, you should remodel it.

Now most people tend to wait until just before selling a house to remodel their kitchen– so they don’t get to enjoy what was done! That said, if you are thinking of selling your house soon, then a kitchen remodel is a good idea. Buyers today want cabinets, faucets and countertops that do not look outdated.

Quartz countertops are a good investment; they won’t date themselves quickly. For backsplashes, choose ceramic/porcelain tile rather than glass, stone or quartz. Notably, if you’re redoing the floors, hardwood is what’s “in” compared to tile or engineered wood.

Basically, expect to recoup between 50 and 75 percent of what you spend on your kitchen remodel– not bad, right? A renovated kitchen always lands near the top of the list when it comes to ranking return-on-investment of home improvement projects.

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