Deck Pricing and Homeowner Awareness

AS a deck builder with 40 years of experience and over 600 decks completed, I felt compelled to share this with you.

If a contractor quotes your project without visiting the site, there’s a good chance their quote may be unfair or misleading. This is very important not only checking an existing structure but also getting a feel for them.

Composite/maintenance free materials are not cheap. The thought of spending a large sum of money on just the materials and installing them over a structure that is sub standard would be a foolish investment if it were not inspected.

Not all decks are the same. Sizes, shapes, access to the project, heights, staircase size and lengths etc. Decking, railings, fascia selections will affect pricing.


Imagine for example that you were going to build a deck that was 10’x10’. You would need a couple of concrete piers, framing lumber and hardware, decking, railings and stairs.

Upon completing your materials list and its pricing you would then figure your labor.

Now divide that by the 100 square feet and you will have your price per square foot.

If you were to use that same number on a much larger deck you are over paying.

Here’s why. The 10×10 deck had more railing price built in per square foot than a large deck that has more decking! You’re getting charged for both.

Decks that have more design to them such as angles, offsets, multiple levels would require more railing posts, hardware, labor to install. How would a contractor quote your project without viewing the site? Guess? Use an inflated number to cover themselves? Not a good choice.

This is why I will always look at the job, measure what needs to be done, figure the materials necessary, get my pricing and quote the customer. It’s the best way!

In conclusion the best and safest way to get a quote on your deck project is meet with the contractor, inform them of your preferences and never accept a quote that has not been figured properly and give any monies without a contract.

Hope you find this useful. Brad