Here’s Why You Should Consider Refacing Your Deck

AZEK DecksExtreme weather can adversely affect the look and feel of your deck. Over time, your deck can decay or become unsightly because it has not held up well to the elements over years.

Is your deck starting to look unsightly? Is the visible part of your deck starting to “show its age?” IS your deck 12 to 15 years of age? Are you tired of the staining and maintenance of your current deck? If so, it might be time for an upgrade or a change. It might be time for a deck refacing.

Brad F. Beller Construction has been refacing more decks in recent time for people in the area. Brad takes the time to examine the substructure of your deck to determine its structural condition. If your decking and railings are currently built with wood they can be replaced with a maintenance-free material that can still look great. Homeowners love to hear that option exists!

Refacing a deck is an option that the homeowner has in lieu of complete rebuilding. They can give their deck a facelift that will transform their deck to a new appearance.

Refacing is done when the deck’s foundation and framing are sound but the walking surfaces and railings need some updating. Old deck boards and handrails are removed and then replaced with new, maintenance free material. More and more homeowners and are replacing their decks with maintenance free AZEK ones. Some homeowners, when refacing with a composite material like AZEK, will apply multi-colored decking boards for a unique look.

Why reface your deck? Refacing your deck will save you thousands of dollars compared to a complete rebuild. We inspect your sub-structure to ensure it’s structural integrity before you invest in refacing your deck. This is very important because you wouldn’t build a house on a bad foundation!! Maybe now’s the time to consider refacing your aged deck. There is certainly greater value to a home if its deck appears to be looking good.

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